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    XSpy Shield will find&annihilate parasites and thus provide a better performance of your PC

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XSpy Shield: Main Features

XSpy Shield scans for known spyware/adware.
Custom scanning options will allow you to choose what exactly should be scanned.
  • Running Processes should be regularly scanned against presence of malware executable files (.exe) and DLLs.
  • Registry Entries may often contain the important information which grants access to viruses to be loaded at startup. Removal of such registry keys can sometimes disable virus of the ability to load at Windows startup.
  • Files and Folders which belong to known viruses will also be found and suggested to be deleted as they can do harm to your pc and/or your privacy.
  • Tracking Cookies allow the site owner to know your activities on their site. Cookies are considered to save certain information related to usage of the site, thus they create sort of a profile. Such tracking is usually done for promotion of products and other ads.
  • NSP/LSP Entries. Names Space Provider (NSP) and Layered Space Provider (LSP) entries are stored in registry and define the programs which process data obtained via TCP/IP, UDP or other protocols. The problem here is that once there is an invalid entry in that sequence of data handlers, other programs will fail to get and process the data and thus you may face the fact that your internet connection is not working any more. To prevent this you have to make sure that those NSP/LSP entries do not refer to files which don't exist.
  • Hosts File should be checked against entries like " evil.domain.com" which can allow browser hijack and disclosure of your files.
Most of the spyware applications are installed silently to your system and thus in 90% of all cases the user doesn't even know that his machine is infected. Yet the things can go even the worse way as you may face a situation when multiple adware and spyware is installed on your system. The consequences of such multiple infections may lead to frequent shows of various ads, decrease in speed of your PC (including the time when you are online) and information leak.

XSpy Shield Monitor
The task of monitor utility which comes together with scanner is obvious: to detect the infection on the very first step. It will monitor running processes, ActiveX entries, tracking cookies, registry startup keys and browsers homepage settings (against hijack).

Automatic Detection and Removal
XSpy Shield scanner allows fast removal of found viral entries. By checking the corresponding checkbox to the left of the virus Name in the Virus List and pressing Remove Selected button you will clean your pc of the selected viruses. You can choose to press Remove All button which will remove all found malware entries, but before doing that consider looking through the list to see whether it really doesn't contain applications which you need.

Flexible scanning options
Sometimes the scanning itself may take a long time to be finished. Thus you may need to look through the settings and tune them up. Rational tuning can speed up the scanning process providing approximately the same effectiveness ratio. Finally, some settings may not influence the scanning speed, but make your life easier while handling the found malware.

You can always decide whether to remove the virus, to do nothing with it or to move it to quarantine. All viruses contents moved to quarantine will be preserved and can be restored later.

You can undo removal of viral items by clicking the Undo Removal button.

History Logging
All actions performed are logged to a certain .log file. Its contents may be then viewed by pressing View History button.

Immunize Wizard
Here you can view and disable/enable specific ActiveX items. Malware items which are found on your pc will be marked with "+". Use Protect button to disable it.

Startup Wizard
This tool will help you to view and modify list of applications which load at Windows startup.

LSP/NSP Manager
This tool will allow you to view currently installed NSP/LSP entries. You will be provided with the information on every found record.

Detailed Information On Found Parasites
After scanning is complete you can mark some virus from the Virus List and you will be presented with detailed information about it in the Details window in the bottom part of the main window. Detailed information includes: danger level, description, comments, manual removal etc. You can use that information to decide whether you should remove the found program or whether it may continue to run (if you use it).

Web Update Wizard
This one is self-explainatory. It connectes to internet and downloads the latest version of software with virus databases.

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Main Features
One of the biggest Spyware/Adware base in Internet. About 13000 known objects!
Real time protection
Deep file scan
Complete system scan
Highly configurable
Automatic Detection and Removal
Detailed Information On Found Parasites
XSpy Shield scans for known spyware/adware your
- Running Processes
- Registry Entries
- Files and Folders
- Tracking Cookies
- NSP/LSP Entries
- Hosts File
Startup Wizard (About 6600 know objects in Startup List base)
Undo features (quarantine)
Undo Removal
Immunize Wizard (disables specific ActiveX items)
LSP/NSP Manager (manage essential networking options and remove secretly installed third-pary Internet service components)
Web Update Wizard

Bundled licenses

You can also purchase a bundled license of XSpy Shield Gold + TweakRAM + Advanced Registry Doctor Pro/Lite. Buy bundle now, the registration fee is only a $49.95/$44.95.

You can also purchase a bundled license of XSpy Shield Gold + Advanced Registry Doctor Pro/Lite. Buy bundle now, the registration fee is only a $34.95/$31.95.

You can also purchase a bundled license of XSpy Shield Gold and Registry Defragmentation/TweakRAM. Buy bundle now, the registration fee is only a $29.95.

You can also purchase a bundled license of Advanced Registry Doctor Pro/Lite and TweakRAM. Buy bundle now, the registration fee is only a $34.95/$29.95.

You can also purchase a bundled license of Registry Defragmentation and TweakRAM. Buy bundle now, the registration fee is only a $26.95.

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